stephanieBefore 20-year-old Stephanie and her 15 month old daughter moved into Casa Carol, she was living in a volatile, dangerous family situation. When asked what kind of job she envisioned, she lit up as she described her only previous job as a cashier at CVS. Once she was given the brief opportunity to fill in as a pharmacy cashier and thought THAT would be a great job. Using Brevard Rescue Mission’s vocational outreach program, Stephanie was hired within weeks as a Pharmacy Cashier at a nearby hospital. So energized by her new job, Stephanie began to explore the possibility of studying for the Pharmacy Tech exam, which would allow her to be promoted. The staff at Casa Carol helped make that possible, and provided encouragement and tutoring assistance as she prepared for the exam. Within six months, Stephanie had passed the exam and was promoted to Pharmacy Tech! This promotion increased her salary to more than $12.00/hour, plus she was able to afford company health insurance. Further, her daughter was able to be placed in a wonderful daycare center at her job, which meant Stephanie could walk with her daughter to and from work. During her stay at Casa Carol, Stephanie lost 60 pounds. Just before she graduated from Brevard Rescue Mission, Stephanie was provided with a donated vehicle which was the final puzzle piece that allowed her complete self-sufficiency.