nancyOne of the first priorities for the residents at Casa Carol is to obtain a GED, if they do not have a high school diploma. Nancy had been struggling for 8 years to get her GED through Adult Ed, while working part-time. She and her 9-year old daughter were homeless and in a desperate situation. Nancy had security guard experience, so her case manager helped her devise a plan to work part-time at a security job. Casa Carol has a fleet of sturdy bikes with child carriers funded by the Bristol-Hansen Foundation, so Nancy was excited to ride a bicycle to work. As she gained confidence in her work, she was ready to take on her GED and complete it this time. Through a combination of Adult Ed and private tutoring by BRM volunteers, we celebrated the achievement of Nancy’s GED nine months later. Nancy was then given additional hours at work, allowing her to achieve self-sufficiency. She also received a donated vehicle and furniture for her new home as she graduated from our program. Nancy and her daughter drove off from Casa Carol after 18 months, with tears of joy, confidence and renewed self-esteem.