chrisA laundry room is no place for a twelve year old to live, but Chris and his mother and sibling inhabited the laundry room of a reluctant relative before coming to Casa Carol. Chris was required to ask permission to leave the laundry room to go to the bathroom or get a drink of water. He loved science, and when he exhausted his computer time at one library, he would visit another. During science fair season, it was not unusual for him to visit 3 libraries in an evening! When Chris and his family arrived at Casa Carol, his mother broke down in incredulous tears stating, “My son has never had a desk of his own before!” At Casa Carol, Chris had computer access to his heart’s content, and didn’t worry about which librarian he would beg to secretly keep his science projects. Chris’s mom networked with another resident and later became a Pharmacy cashier and is now self-sufficient. At the family’s graduation from the Casa Carol program, Chris remarked, “Casa Carol taught us to do things we never thought we could do, like paying our debts and managing our money.” This was a truly a family transformation.