Resident Stories


Determination is an integral part of the stories of the homeless mothers who come through Brevard Rescue Mission. With a stunning 90% success rate after graduation, it’s a program that succeeds! That’s because women suited for Brevard Rescue Mission aren’t just ready for a change, they’re ready to make it happen!

Jill’s Story

“Jill” spent her childhood being abused and told she’d never amount to anything. Believing the lies, she was coerced into marriage at the age of 19 because she didn’t think she could do any better.

Years later she was still trapped in a life of abuse... and now, so was her son. When her husband’s drug deal went bad, and her son’s friend died in her arms, Jill knew that was the last straw.

Against all odds, she found the strength to leave. At Brevard Rescue Mission, she learned new skills and the importance of her own happiness and well-being. Now, Jill lives a life free of fear and dread, she’s employed full-time, loves the Lord and she and her son have a home of their own!

Chloe’s Story

‘"I was 8-Months Pregnant and Sleeping on the Street..." 

"Chloe" gave her testimony at the 2017 Impact 100 Partner event, explaining how she found Brevard Rescue Mission.

"Being pregnant and homeless is when I had hit rock bottom. I got on my knees and called out to God to put people in my path to help me, because I couldn't do this alone anymore."

She teared up when looking around the room and said, "Now I know that it was BRM people that God placed in my path... it was each one of you!"

Cindy’s Story

When “Cindy” called Brevard Rescue Mission, she and her two children were living in their car, a car that was about to be repossessed.

"The day we met with her and collected the family belongings from the car, Cindy looked defeated and began to cry,” said BRM’s Case Manager.  "We sat on the curb, and she poured out her heart. I reminded her that God has a plan for her life and we will work together to make sure her family never again will have to live in a car!”

Cindy soaked in all the parenting, nutrition, life skills and bible study classes BRM offered. She has obtained employment and is budgeting and saving money. Her desire to be more involved with her children at school resulted in joining the Student Advisory Council, and at the end of the school year, she was recognized with a Parent Volunteer Award and as the Parent of the Month!

Holly's Story

"Holly" found herself in a precarious situation following an unexpected job lay-off. With two small children to support, ensuring basic necessities like housing and food was an everyday challenge. That’s when she found Brevard Rescue Mission.

She needed the space to rebuild and regain stability. Through life skills classes, daily accountability and personal responsibility, Holly learned how to set and achieve her goals. Today, she’s working full-time, is independent and in full control of her life. She’s certainly strong and more confident than she’s ever been before!



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