In 2006, a young mother with a small child was struggling with an asthma attack while walking past the home of Stacia and Pete Glavas. When Pete and Stacia helped them back to their apartment so that she could get her breathing treatment, they saw the horrible conditions in which Julia and her daughter were living. Right then they knew that something significant had happened to them. Stacia began a friendship with Julia that exists to this day. She felt that rather than trying to fix Julia’s problem by giving her everything she needed, she should befriend her, guiding and supporting her as she learned how to live a healthy, self-sufficient life.


With a huge amount of community support, Brevard Rescue Mission was officially founded in 2008, and our first location, Casa Carol opened in 2009 with three retrofitted apartments. Since 2009, nine apartments have been repaired and furnished and have welcomed residents. In 2012, Brevard Rescue Mission was able to purchase the Casa Carol facility, and after a hugely successful Capital Building Campaign the mortgage was paid off in the summer of 2014. As Casa Carol has expanded, the support and enrichment programs have grown to meet the changing needs of our resident families.


In 2019, we will be expanding our Program! The Treehouse will be a group home with 16 beds for women and children. First Baptist Church of Melbourne will own and maintain the home while Brevard Rescue Mission will run the transformational life program.