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With less than what you would spend on stamps or movie rentals every month, you can help put a roof over someone's head and insure a mother and her children get a shake at a happy and fulfilling future.

Take pride in what you do with your paycheck, regardless of how high you are on the giving ladder. And see how you can make a huge difference with funds comparable to even the smallest household monthly purchases.

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Brevard Rescue Mission, Inc.
PO Box 362203
Melbourne, FL 32936

In Their Words
"I was told I was worthless, but I no longer believe the lies people have told me. I believe that I am not who people say I am, but I am who God says I am in Christ. Now that I am here, I know things are going to be ok. God has given me such incredible peace."

– A Successful Resident
Featured Donor

Tod and Sasha Byers
“We were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with the early families of BRM about five years ago. I told Tod and the girls we were volunteering and was fully expecting to be working in some capacity. What happened instead was that the ladies and their children invited us into their home as their guests. They shared one of the most delicious, Southern style, home cooked Thanksgiving meals we’ve ever had. Traci’s collard greens rocked my world! The ladies made us feel like family, and served us, instead of the other way around. We were so humbled. They wouldn’t let us wash a dish, and even sent us home with leftovers! That day, those families demonstrated for us Christ’s love in a powerful, tangible way. Brevard Rescue Mission transforms lives, offers hope, and creates new, positive family legacies. That is awesome and we are honored to be a part of the mission.” -Tod and Sasha Byers

Featured Volunteer

Marg Cubero
Marg Cubero is one of our fantastic volunteers who serves BRM by faithfully tutoring adults and children, helping out at the office, and even using her truck to move items for us! She's a retired school teacher and reading specialist and generously donates two full days a week, making a 50 mile roundtrip from north Brevard! She says, "I need BRM as much as you all need me! I know what it is like to struggle and seeing the spark in the student's eyes when he “gets it” is worth all my time! Thank you for sharing your gifts Marg!

The Bohannan Family
The Bohannan family, AKA Busy B Bakery, recently donated a bakers dozen of FRESH baked breads to our families. But that's not all! Bohannan siblings, Hannah, John David and Melody are amazing bi-weekly faithful servants to Kid's Club. They bring the light of Jesus to our kids with their cheerful hearts and humble service to our Casa Carol families and we ALL love their visits.

Joe Croswell
Joe Croswell has been a faithful volunteer for BRM since it's inception! He has been diligently mentoring one of our young boys and reflects the love of God with his presence and dedication to others. We are so appreciative of Joe's spirit and willingness to be a father figure to our children here at Brevard Rescue Mission! His Christian values and influence have transformed this young man's life!

Michelle Croswell
Michelle Croswell has been a faithful volunteer for BRM since it’s inception! In fact, her entire family is involved! Her husband Joseph serves as a mentor to one of our resident boys. Their four children have also served as Kids’ Club Volunteers over the past four years. Michelle says, “For our family, serving at BRM is like a mini mission trip. We always leave filled and overwhelmed with the joy of being able to give ourselves away. “ Michele and her partner with Home Sweet Home Designs have lovingly decorated each apartment that our residents use. Michelle has a knack for creating a warm environment for our residents while remaining extremely budget friendly!

In addition to creating lovely spaces in which our residents can reside, Michelle has given many hours volunteering on site as well as being the decorations chairperson for our WWCS event for the past several years. Michelle transformed the Hilton Rialto meeting room space to a dining area that exuded a birthday party theme as we celebrated our 5th year of the luncheon this year. With the use of royal blue and lime green balloons, an enormous celebration pennant, and table centerpieces of beautiful cupcakes on crystal pedestals, she gave the room a festive feel and created an exciting backdrop for this year’s major fundraiser. Thank you, Michelle for sharing your talents, family, and hours of hard work and dedication to BRM!

Juliette Yearty
She has been a faithful volunteer tutor of two children throughout the year (even during school breaks). She goes to their after-school program and rarely misses a week.

She is behind the scenes in some ways because she is offsite, but she is a Brevard County school teacher who is retired from full-time work. However, she continues to give of her time and talents to the children at BRM.

She truly cares about the children and has done an excellent job taking a child who hated school and teaching him to like it. She also performs the quarterly reading assessments on the children. She has a fun-loving personality and is creative in the ways she tutors the children.

Lori Fort and Audrey Joiner
Congratulations Lori Fort and Audrey Joiner Lori Fort is a busy working mom with two jobs and raising four children with her husband Steve, but that does not deter her enthusiasm for Brevard Rescue Mission. She willingly took on the task of organizing our Angel Tree Project this holiday season. Lori is coordinating the placement of at least 22 trees around Brevard County at local businesses; banks, dry cleaners, hairdressers, clothing boutiques, and other busy places. She is always smiling and extremely organized! She is currently organizing volunteers to deliver and maintain the trees throughout December.

Lori says, “I enjoy being able provide help for the women and their children. The Lord brought this to my mind, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” 2 Corinthians 1: 3-4. Being a part of BRM provides a way to put God’s love into action!”

Lori could not do this without the committed and continued help of Audrey Joiner!

Audrey and her husband have quietly donated and decorated the Angel Trees the past four years to make this project happen. She adorns each humble 4 foot Alpine tree with various levels of financial support cards. Joiner says, “The trees are not only for fundraising but to let the community know about BRM and the services provided.”

Audrey is the Executive Director for Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine. She and her husband are long time supporters of BRM. Audrey and Lori’s concerted energies bring awareness to our mission and how we strive to bring hope to the hopeless. We are grateful for their volunteer addition to raising funds for BRM, every volunteer hour saves our precious dollars for providing direct services for our cherished residents! Thank you ladies!

Kelsey Roub
Kelsey Roub discovered Brevard Rescue Mission when we asked for Summer Reading Buddies. She enjoyed the children so much this summer that she continues to volunteer at Kids' Club several times a month AND brings her friends too! She is a natural when it comes to caring for children. Kelsey is determined to make a difference in their lives! We are blessed to have her join the ranks of our featured volunteers!

Holly and Anita Fadden
Holly and Anita Fadden are a dynamic duo. They are not only learned in the scriptures, but passionate educators by trade. They volunteer their time each week to tutor our women and young adult residents in English, Anatomy, Physiology, Reading, Writing, and World History. Holly was introduced to the mission at a time when one resident was just starting massage therapy school and another resident, of Chinese descent, needed English tutoring.

When the tutoring coordinator brought the needs up in casual conversation with Holly, she suddenly declared that she was not only a massage therapy graduate, but also a former Director of ESL (English as a Second Language) in Maryland. She started tutoring within the week! When she had to leave for a scheduled out of town trip, she introduced us to her mother, a retired school teacher, who hopped right into Holly's roles and then took on two high school students once Holly returned.

The Lord is truly blessing the women and children at Brevard Rescue Mission with these two lovely and committed servants who have much knowledge and wisdom to share with our residents. We thank them for the valuable time, love, and attention they are giving our residents.

Woodrow "Woody" McDaniel
Woodrow "Woody" McDaniel has been a faithful volunteer with Brevard Rescue Mission over the last year. Retired from American Airlines, Woody puts his 'Jack of many trades' skills to excellent use addressing our many handyman needs at Casa Carol. As appropriate, he either fixes it, makes it or moves it! We cannot thank Woody enough for his many hours of selfless service!

Joni Gorman
After residing in Lakeland for 20 years, and raising her children, Joni and her husband recently relocated to Melbourne.  She wasted no time getting involved with her new community and the Brevard Rescue Mission has been the beneficiary of her selfless service.  

Joni has stepped up to help in more ways than one.  She has lovingly transported residents to doctors’ appointments, stuffed envelopes for mass mailings, consistently tutored resident children, and is currently mentoring adult residents with their finances.  

She is a natural mentor and teacher with relevant insights and experience.  Joni brings godly wisdom to every task and takes initiative to go the extra mile.  She bears much fruit in every good work she does for the mission.  Staff and residents alike love and appreciate her.  Thank you Joni!

Lynn Kush
Lynn Kush is a volunteer tutor at Brevard Rescue Mission who continues to show excellence in all she does for the resident mothers and children. In only one year, she has lovingly and patiently tutored several residents in subjects including History, Math, and Finance. She customizes her tutoring to fit the needs of each student and is willing to commit her time and effort to every task she receives. The residents love her gentle spirit, and they are receptive to her instruction as she makes complex concepts easy to understand.

Her time and energy has blessed a junior high student who came to the Mission failing history, but with Lynn’s dedicated help over a period of 10 weeks, received an, “A” in the same class. Also, Lynn has designed a preliminary finance program for entering resident mothers, and is currently designing a financial mentoring program

to help the residents establish life skills in budgeting, spending, and saving. Lynn brings her godly wisdom, education in accounting and finance, and genuine compassion for people to Brevard Rescue Mission. With gratitude, Brevard Rescue Mission recognizes her commitment and outstanding service to this ministry.

Joan Sorensen
Joan Sorensen fills a critical role as our Grant Team leader. Utilizing her honed grant writing skill and legal training, Joan spearheaded the extensive process, which resulted in BRM getting funded by United Way of Brevard in 2012. She has been instrumental in obtaining funding for BRM from private foundations, which has exceeded $68,000.

Joan’s attention to detail, her strategic thinking and ability to market our mission, have all contributed to the success of our Grant Team. She is an expert writer, but also a wise leader, and is respected by all whom are privileged to work with her. Thank you, Joan, for sharing your gifts and abilities and your heart for others.

Kelly Kush
Our summer intern, Kelly Kush, donated her time to coordinate volunteers, worked on several computer projects, helped organized an Open House, and did a little bit of everything else! Her sweet disposition and caring heart helped all the staff, residents, and volunteers to adore her.

Kelly was the 2011 Valedictorian of Viera High School and just completed her first year at the University of Florida. We have great expectations for the contribution she will continue to make in this community when she completes her business degree!

Ginny Whitley
Think of the three people you admire the most, combine their best attributes into one person, and you will have an idea of our dear Ginny Whitley.

Not only does she volunteer as BRM's Volunteer coordinator, she also is responsible for organizing and leading our annual fundraiser, the Women Who Care Share luncheon. She does all with grace, gentleness and selflessness, and is herself the very picture of a servant volunteer.

Ginny shares her thoughts.
"Right before Stacia asked me to be volunteer coordinator, I read "Crazy Love and Radical". I felt so inspired that God wants us to give ourselves to help the poor, share the Gospel, and make a difference. I also learned that is how true joy and meaning are found in life. The incredible thing about being volunteer coordinator is I get to work with so many volunteers (and staff) who have been living this way for years; they inspire me. The other thing that inspires me is when I don't have a volunteer to do something, so I do the hands on work with the residents; I see and hear about God's work in their lives and then remember why I do what I do."
(Honestly the luncheon is just plain fun, and it is for a great cause!)
We thank you, Ginny, for your dedication and your commitment to Brevard Rescue Mission!

Betsy Gilbert
We are thrilled to have Betsy Gilbert as the director of our Kids' Club. She and her 14-year-old daughter Emily have been making a huge difference in the lives of our residents for over 4 months.

In addition to her responsibilities running Kids Club, together they have logged over 100 hours in volunteer time. This time has been spent showing hospitality by preparing refreshments and attending holiday events, providing transportation for residents, and even covering the office.

They spent many hours wrapping all of the Christmas gifts that were donated to our 23 residents. Betsy has said that she would like to make a difference by investing into the lives of a few kids. Wow, she sure is meeting that goal!

Betsy and Emily have designed and implemented a Bible study for all of our children during Kids' Club; what an immeasurable impact that will have! Brevard Rescue Mission is very blessed to have Betsy and Emily Gilbert investing in the lives of our residents.

Denise Teurlings
What a heart for ministering in the love, the light and the name of Jesus!

Denise oversees Brevard Rescue Mission's onsite tutoring program at Casa Carol. She coordinates the teachers who tutor one-on-one: the children in their grade-school subjects and the moms who are preparing to take the GED / High School Equivalency tests.

As Denise herself tutors, she not only delivers easy to understand explanations, but Denise also delivers hope. Hope to the women who have put their educational dreams on hold, for ten and sometimes fifteen years, and through this program are able to see their goal within sight. Reaching so far beyond the basics of the education process, in any subject, from science to mathematics, Denise faithfully weaves and shares the knowledge of God: God in the details of creation, God of order, God of the universe.

Denise is a walking testimony to the love of Jesus. We are so blessed that Denise is dedicated to our residents, and to the high calling of delivering His truth in the teaching environment at Casa Carol.

Angela Davis
In Her Words: My name is Angela Davis. I am married to Jerry Davis, and we have three children and one grandchild. Throughout most of my married life I have been a stay at home mom raising our three girls. I did, however, work part time for nine years at Suntree United Methodist Pre-school as a teacher assistant and led the Bible Story time with all the precious little ones.

I found during those child rearing years, I needed to surround myself with other Christian women. I became involved with Moms-in-Touch International, a group of praying moms that pray for their children and their schools. I continue to be a part of this organization and lead a small group at Merritt Island Christian School.

Being a part of Brevard Rescue Mission has so blessed my life. I always look forward to spending time with these ladies and the Brevard Rescue Mission team of workers and volunteers. It is a privilege to serve with them. To God be the glory!