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With less than what you would spend on stamps or movie rentals every month, you can help put a roof over someone's head and insure a mother and her children get a shake at a happy and fulfilling future.

Take pride in what you do with your paycheck, regardless of how high you are on the giving ladder. And see how you can make a huge difference with funds comparable to even the smallest household monthly purchases.

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Brevard Rescue Mission, Inc.
PO Box 362203
Melbourne, FL 32936

In Their Words
"I prayed to God every night to help me find a place for me and my children so we could sleep in peace. When I was accepted at Brevard Rescue Mission I cried with joy. I am finally learning to depend on myself."

– A Successful Resident
Leadership Team

Natasha Cartagena Spencer, Director

Natasha Cartagena Spencer is the Senior Vice President of Shelter Mortgage Company, a direct residential mortgage lender in our local Space Coast. She is married to Brian Spencer, Sr. Mortgage Specialist who services Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard, as their preferred lender. They have been residents of Brevard for over 16yrs and are proud to call the Space Coast their home. Natasha is very much entrenched in philanthropic efforts. If it’s not championing the message “It’s a Hand Up, not a Hand Out” on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Brevard or fostering work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy in Brevard Schools on behalf of Junior Achievement of the Space Coast; she is a hands on volunteer who believes in her commitment to the ultimate outcome, breaking the cycle of homelessness, dependency and fostering education. She truly believes as leaders in our community, we need to inspire change and actively engage. Natasha has been an avid supporter and contributor to BRM since 2012.